Auto Loans: Will Your Credit Help?

Vehicles are a large purchase, most people will own several in their life; with the average American owning 12 vehicles throughout their lifetime. Unless you are able to pay cash for every vehicle you will own, you’ll need an auto loan, and your ability to obtain one depends heavily on your credit score.

To finance a vehicle purchase you need a loan, and a potential lender will want to know how risky it is going to be to give you a loan. Credit scores are a risk assessment formula based on your credit history. Your credit score is a huge part of determining how much you can borrow, what interest rate you will be charged on that loan and how much your monthly payment for that car loan will be.

With a low credit score, you may have to put up a much larger down payment, utilize very high interest rates, or even be turned down. has helped thousands of clients qualify for auto loans with better rates and lower monthly payments that will save them thousands over the life of the loan. Arm yourself with a great credit profile, and walk into that dealership with confidence.

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