Simple Credit Building Technique

It can be difficult to build credit once you have a negative credit history. Most banks won’t approve you for a loan, and creditors don’t want to give you a credit card because you are “high risk”.

One way to begin building your credit is by obtaining a secured credit card. Secured cards require a deposit, usually around $200-$300 to open. This deposit will act as your credit limit, and is a form of insurance for the bank, knowing that they at least have that amount of money in case you go delinquent on the account.

Once you have your secured card, you will need to keep your balance low to maximize the credit building power. Set your card to take auto payments from a debit account so that you will not have to think about it, and won’t risk any late payments, lowering your score even more. This tactic will build your profile in two ways: payment history, and balance to limit ratio.

This is one of many tactics that we can use to guide you to your Path To Credit Recovery. is here to help motivated individuals put their bad credit in the past and get their purchasing power back!

Get motivated, set your goals, and take action!

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