Master Credit Card Use: 3 Tips

  1. Pay Mid-Cycle

The balances appearing on your credit reports are usually based on the balance at the end of your billing cycle. Go online to make a payment a few days before the end of the billing cycle so the balance that gets reported to the credit bureaus is lower.


  1. Avoid Paying Interest

Credit Card users who do not carry balances every month and have signed up with a credit card that offers a grace period have at least 21 days from the time of purchase to pay the charge in full without accruing interest. Grace periods will not be included for balance transfers or cash advances.

  1. Increase Your Limit

Request a higher limit on your credit card to protect your credit rating. Raising the gap between your balance and limit will give you a better credit utilization ratio, which will be favorable for your credit score. Be careful with this tip though, just because the money is available doesn’t mean you should use it, simply use it as a credit building technique. credit advisors will walk you through the credit repair process, coaching you on valuable credit building techniques like these. These tips are very effective, and when advised on exactly what time to utilize these tactics in your personal Credit Guide, you will see the best results. That is why we are here, we are specialists in credit repair, and we can help you!

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