Millennials: Build Credit Now

Many millennials saw their parents hit a very rocky financial situation during the Great Recession, creating a fear of credit among the generation. Understanding the difference between credit and debt is the most important aspect of getting over this fear. Credit is a financial tool, that when used correctly can provide you with valuable purchasing power. Debt is a problem caused by the misuse of credit.

millennials credit cards

Using credit wisely is an incredibly important aspect of becoming financially successful now and in the future.


Your credit history is everything you have done in the past with regards to using credit. Credit history includes the amount of credit you have used, your payment habits, and if creditors have had to resort to using collections agencies or the legal system to get you to repay your debts.

When considering whether or not to lend you money, a lender will attempt to determine what the odds are that you will repay a debt. Your credit history is the best indicator they have of your credit risk. They assume that you will continue to behave in the future as you have in the past. But if you have no past use of credit, they will view you as risky because they have no record of you being willing and able to manage debt.

After establishing a credit history, you will want to make sure that your reports are reflecting accurate information to ensure that you aren’t being judged unfairly. Lenders look to your credit profile as a record of your credit history and they will likely assume that the accounts listed in your credit reports are accurate. The problem is that very often these items are inaccurate or untimely, misleading, incomplete, unverifiable, biased or unclear.

If your credit reports contain questionable negative items, you have the right to dispute them in an effort to get them corrected or removed entirely. will help you make sure your profile is reporting accurately, and teach you how to build your credit. We have helped thousands of people with unfair credit reports, and we can help you too!

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