When Do Your Balances Report?

It is important to have as long of a credit history as possible, do not cancel credit cards just because they are older. Hold onto them and use them from time to time. Keep the balance low, and make the payments on time. Keeping reporting balances low means you need to know when your balance is reported.


The balances appearing on your credit reports are usually based on the balance remaining at the end of your billing cycle, not on the payment due date. Go online to make a payment a few days before the end of the billing cycle so the balance reported to the credit bureaus is lower.

This is one tactic we can utilize when building your credit profile. A significant part of the value we offer at CreditServices.com is the education and knowledge that comes with having your own personal credit analyst. We also maintain a database of information that can be put to use when executing your personal Credit Guide. Our advisors know which tactics to use and when to use them, and will coach you throughout the process.

A staggering number of consumers carry high balances on high interest credit cards when they could be saving thousands on interest by keeping balances low and paying before the billing cycle end date. Those credit card users carrying higher balances however, may lack the resources to use this technique just yet. The solution: low-interest rate personal loans. Qualified borrowers are able to get easier access to competitive rates on personal loans for a variety of reasons, including refinancing high interest rate credit card debt.

Don’t Make Any More Mistakes!

You’re trying to build your credit, don’t dig yourself a deeper hole. One of the most common mistakes is making a late payment. Set up auto-pay on your credit cards for the minimum payment so you don’t forget, and make sure to set the payment before your billing cycle end date. You can always pay more, and missing a payment can be devastating.

Personal loans can be a great alternative to credit cards for two key reasons. First, it ends the debilitating cycle of credit card debt, because the loan has a finite term. In contrast, when you transfer credit card debt from one card to another, you have the temptation to keep racking up the charges. The second reason is that it can save you a lot of cash.

Just remember, once you have lowered your credit card balances, you will need to acquire new cards, or continue to use the ones you have. Be certain to use them wisely and pay at the right time to ensure your credit score is in the best possible position.

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