Studen Loans Holding You Back?

The average student debt for this year’s american graduates tops $35,000.

Millennials are having difficulties paying off student loans and for many it is holding them back from their American dream. Buying a car, a home, having children, getting married, and saving for retirement are all part of that dream, but student loan payments make it difficult to add more debt.

Salaries for recent college graduates have remained fairly flat, student loans on the other hand have doubled since the 1990s. Catching up can be very difficult so many college graduates are moving in with their parents and delaying their American dream.

One option you have to speed up your chase for the American dream is to get the best credit you possibly can. Start building your credit now and you will be able to pay less for the money that you borrow, allowing you to have more reasonable monthly payments, freeing you up to move forward. Use your money wisely, pay off high interest debt, and make sure to always make your payments on time, and you will start chipping away at your debt, while still living your life.


Don’t Judge Yourself!

Begin by seeing what kind of shape your credit profile is in before you attempt to build your credit, refinance loans, or apply for financing. After pulling your credit report, you may feel a lot better about your situation. Certain accounts and items on your report may need to be fixed over time. However, there are a lot of things that may be removed quicker than you thought.

Aside from repairing the history that may be hurting your credit profile, we coach our clients on what they can do to establish and continuously build a great credit profile. will teach you the best way to utilize and build your credit. Our advisors will coach you on specific tactics that you can continue using to build your credit for the rest of your life. Your personal detailed Credit Guide will help repair your missteps in the past, and show you what you can do to prevent them from happening again.

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