Exclusive Partnerships.

CreditServices.com has multiple partnerships which were hand selected to deliver services and solutions within industries CreditServices.com does not offer or is actively licensed. A few of the key industries partnered with are banking, lending, debt settlement and financial planning.


Associated Healthcare Credit Union

CreditServices.com™ is proud to be the exclusive credit service provider for Associated HealthCare Credit Union™. Our Partnership offers preset discounted pricing for our premium services to AHCU clients and employees within all 15 banking locations.

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Integrity Auto Source

CreditServices.com™ is proud to have an Exclusive Partner agreement on all things credit with one of Minnesota’s most reputable auto dealerships, Integrity AutoSource Inc. Integrity AutoSource makes it extremely easy for consumers to be drive away with a BRAND NEW or used car. Over the past 20 years they have proven fair prices, superior service and treating people the right way leads to happy customers which trust their team and return again and again.

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DebtServices.com™ offers specialized debt settlement programs to consumers that maximize their current financials into settlement opportunities. This unique process and service structure positions each client to obtain stronger lending opportunities.

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