GUIDE 2 ICON™ offers a trademarked client engagement workbook, the Credit Guide™. This comprehensive repair guide is designed on a per client basis and is personalized to fit each consumer’s needs. Upon enrolled in either GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE Service Levels, each client receives this detailed custom repair guide upon conclusion of the consultation and credit report assessment. The customized Credit Guide™ is constructed to improve service accuracy and credit improvement management throughout the client’s engagement in services with™.

The Credit Guide™ workbook details client goals, including the proactive client steps recommended on managing specific accounts for credit building and overall score improvement. These details include; the proactive steps of their current accounts to open, what steps to take in order of importance, time frame in which each matter should be completed and more. This multi-faceted guide tracks the ongoing developments and actions during client engagement for each client to reach their credit goals and ultimately improve their overall purchase power for future lending obtainment opportunity.

  • Client Accountability Check Points throughout enrollment
  • Detailed Client Goals
  • Client Action Items on Account Management | Settlement | Building
  • Proactive Steps Required for Management of Open Accounts
  • General credit-building steps.
  • Monthly Newsletters on Credit Education Tipscredit guide









Consumer Goal Scenariosbullseye

The consumer credit goal scenarios list delivers specific credit goals™ can service for a consumer based on the Service Levels™ and Product Features™ offered.


Our team has simplified the credit repair process so you can take back control of your credit. Contact our team to set a risk free credit assessment. 


The development of your personalized Credit Guide™ workbook will maximize time, money and effort during the restoration process.

Offering a risk free, comprehensive credit report assessment. Each consult is conducted by a trained, certified FICO® Specialist. 

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