The Difference™ is a preferred vendor and exclusive affiliate partner with™.™ is currently licensed through the Minnesota Department of Commerce to have the ability to service debt settlement options for consumers. The Debt service is recommended to over 80% of enrolled consumers. Prior to the official partnership and affiliate connection starting April of 2014, the limitation of licensed services within™ affiliate network constricted our consumer’s ability to fully utilize all credit improvement methods to have the strongest opportunity to reach their goal. With our partnership with a licensed debt settlement service provider for our consumers, our clients variety of service options to fully service each consumer to their credit goal strengthens considerably. With our current rate of 71% of enrolled consumers to be motivated on obtainment of a mortgage loan, the demand on all licensed services is high. Utilization of multiple licensed programs is in most cases standard practice for each consumer. Service Programs

The Debt Assist Programs are designed for consumers who have experienced financial hardship in the past. This hardship could have developed from decrease in income, unemployment, medical expenses or other financially hindering situations.

Each Debt Assist Program individually focuses on one of the four most common consumer debt types nationwide. While each Program is designed to cover specific settlement situations, each Debt Assist Program™ is overseen and services by one of’s certified Debt Settlement Specialists.


A unique attribute™ offers each client is the opportunity during their credit repair program, to settle or work out a payment solutions on any collection debt or past due balances found validated and continuing to affect their credit report, score, and profile for lending approval. The debt service is uniquely constructed by placing financial savings for the consumer a top priority while keeping the consumers credit goals in focus. Each step taken will involve credit improvement tactics and overall management assurance measures to avoid any negative actions during the course of any settlement negotiation.  The overall understanding in which the affiliate partnership was developed was based on the avoidance of negative effects and score impacting actions consumers typically take during most debt settlement actions taken by themselves. The difference a Debt Settlement Specialists has is in the planned, strategies implemented for each consumer by taking both the debt obligations and the impact of the consumer’s credit scores as equal important parts in the process.

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