It Starts with a Customized Credit Report Audit.

The credit restoration process starts with a comprehensive credit report risk assessment. During the assessment, your FICO® Certified Credit Advisor will access all three Credit Bureaus to deliver a full and complete review of the current state of your credit risk. Upon completion of your report review, your Advisor strategically develops your personalized list of actions needed to restructure and restore your credit profile.
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  what to expect 2Your Credit Advisor will elaborate on the FICO® Scoring system and formula to deliver an understanding of your current credit situation. This grading system and formula is currently being used in over 90 % of banking decisions nationwide.

All management actions are structured around your specific credit goal in mind. The actions and credit methods designed and recommended are explained in an easy to understand process and service setting.



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The Credit Bureau Validation Timeline.

Our award winning Solutions Department services the Bureau Discovery Product Feature™ by investigating  each item chosen within your credit report profile history that is potentially negatively impacting your consumer credit score. This process is to verify 100% complete accuracy and to validate each item challenged is reporting 100% free of error.




The Investigation Process.



Offering interactive service products designed to deliver score improvement, credit profile restoration and an overall increase in consumer – Credit IQ.


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