Customer experience is our top priority. Our team utilizes every known legal resource known to maximize all capable solutions to restore our consumer’s credit and deliver the opportunity of lending acceptance. Exercising every legal remedy on consumer protection and rights deliver industry leading results upon thousands nationwide have taken advantage of.™ is relentless in its pursuit to continually develop new innovative services to deliver the most comprehensive, full service credit product offered at an affordable cost nationwide.


Is Certified in anything?

fico.PNGThe FICO™ Certification is designed to recognize individuals and businesses who have successfully completed the course requirements and reached the passing grade on their course requirements for certification. The course delivers strong understanding of FICO® scoring systems.™ is FICO® Certified including all of their Credit Advisors.
nacso.PNGThe National Association of Credit Services Organizations™ | (N.A.C.S.O.). NACSO Standards on becoming certified are strict. Not every CSO is eligible. Only businesses that have proven to meet the standards of excellence in the Credit Services Industry are invited to become a member, including a passing grade on their test requirements.™ is NACSO™ Certified.

A message from the CEO & founder.

“I want to take this moment to express my sincerest appreciation for your interest in™. The entire company thanks you for your vested interest and hope our programs fit your current needs. If you choose to enroll in one of our Service Levels, you are not just a client, you are a real asset and a valued member of™.

 Your customer experience is important to us. If enrolled, our entire team will be here throughout your enrollment to place you personally in the best possible credit position available.™ utilizes every known resource allowed to maximize all capable solutions to restore your credit and deliver the opportunity of lending acceptance. During enrollment, the Solutions Department exercises every legal remedy available to deliver the same industry leading results thousands before you have enjoyed!™ is relentless in its pursuit to continually develop streamlined and innovative services to deliver the most comprehensive, full service credit product offered at an affordable cost nationwide.”



Award Winning Solutions.Solutions Dept. icon

Our team is relentless in our continued pursuit of developing innovative credit repair products to service our growing consumer base. Having the service options available delivers one of the most comprehensive, credit services offered in the nation. does this all at a cost consumers can afford.

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Motivated Consumer Base.

motivated2.PNG™ services a selective group of individuals nationally who have current credit profile situations that would be prohibiting the ability to obtain financial loan or lease opportunities.™ and their Officer level, place an ongoing emphasis on industry research and development (R&D). This R&D is specific to further creation and innovation on the multiple internal licensed services and the product features detailed in the service levels offered. The list of programs include the consumer credit service levels; GOLD Service Level™, SILVER Service Level™, BRONZE Service Level™ and the CREDITWATCH Service Level™. There is the debt program: Debt Settlement Solutions™ and finally the small business funding program: Business Credit Solutions™. These products or programs were originally developed to enhance the consumers overall ability to utilize multiple programs under one brand. The ability to retain current relationships with our consumers has built stronger company and consumer relationships as well as a profitable ROI opportunity for both company and consumer. Joseph McGlynn, President & CEO of™ found through internal research, most consumers with credit concerns or issues are not motivated by simply ‘cleaning’ or ‘improving’ their credit score or report. The consumer motivation was found to be when a ‘need’ or ‘want’ was present or necessary by the consumer for purchase. A need could be a car loan, home loan, a refinance of a loan, student loan, etc. It was found that proactive action on ones currently hindered credit file was caused by an overall motivation on a purchase.

Mission Statement.coorporate building icon.png

Our mission is reflected in the comprehensive credit services offered, partnered with the execution of such services.’s inspiration comes from a vision of continued success and ongoing excellence in a ‘solutions-focused’ mindset and business environment.™ works toward this vision by hard work, loyalty and trust in their core business values; Truth, Accountability, Responsibility, Dependability and Service Accuracy.

handshake™ is a multi-state licensed Credit Service Organization (CSO) offering strategic service levels along with product features aimed to deliver an industry leading customer experience while transforming each consumer report into one of strength for future pre-approval lending opportunities. As a company,™ services a niche consumer base nationwide.

This niche, motivated base is found through a similar goal in mind of seeking pre-approval for loan obtainment. Lending guidelines and loan restrictions have generated requirements that have defined the development of’s service levels and product features, as the market changes and guidelines alter, so too will

The Future.future.PNG

As our industry develops and the importance of credit continues to grow, so will™. Our strength and success comes from the unique set of services offered with the understanding of current regulation, guidelines, and requirements from lending institutions. Requirements from lending Institutions and the Federal Government has allowed our development team to design services relating to these unique lending rules. This way of servicing our clients has created thousands of Credit Guide™ Program success stories, which has turned™ into a nationally recognized, credit service provider that services a specific, niche market. This sustained, continued effort places™ in the driver’s seat for innovation, creation and service availability in the future.


An innovative credit service organization with tailored service levels and product features guiding motivated consumers looking for credit enhancement for future lending options. vision is to give customers the ability to work on any aspect of their credit by utilizing different departments offering specialized licensed services within the company as a whole. An all in one credit product that is well rounded and places the consumer in a position to succeed.

Our Promise To You.

promise.PNG promises to conduct all of their actions with honesty, integrity and compassion. will respect each client, business partner, and employee. is dedicated by empowering clients to be free from financial bondage by delivering credit services geared toward credit enhancement. will promise to always exercise all legally available service options to positively impact the lives of our clients. Credit is our Passion.

Industry Differentiation. 


The competitive differentiation has been created and set by our network of affiliate partnerships offering a range of licensed product options. The™ family of businesses and program deliver the opportunity of multiple service options and programs into the consumer’s hands which give the client a large platform of service solutions and options throughout their enrollment. Having multiple credit repair options and services give a broad range of improvement solutions and opportunities. has the ability to fully service each consumer from debt services, credit management tactics to score rehabilitation solutions. The comprehensive service options have been developed to direct each consumer looking for loan obtainment to have a one location solution to do so.

The particular Service Level engagement per consumer should be reflected in the specific goals or motivation the consumer has. Due to the simple fact that each individual’s credit report is unique, the Product Features™ offered in their elected Service Level™ must match the complexity of the consumer’s credit profile status and motivated credit goals.™ multi-licensed service platform places the unique ability to offer an array of service solutions to obtain lending options regardless of their current credit status. Multiple Service Levels™ created to place credit scores and profiles into a position to be utilized for lending obtainment options. The services offered are not to just improve credit scores and or ‘investigate’ accounts but rather fully service every aspect of a client’s credit situation.™ does not measure the success of each client by increasing of their credit score. The simple reason is due to the various scoring agencies nationwide and their differing methods of computing an individual’s credit score. This variance makes the ability to judge the success of each consumer a moot point. The measurement in which™ uses to gauge consumer’s success is when a client now has the opportunity and ability to achieve the objective in which was previously prevented or impaired by reason of their credit profile.™ business model and mission is reflected in the services offered and the performance of such services.

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